Y CUBE HOLDINGS LTD., established in 1993, is an investment company that invests in teams/businesses and actively participates in developing strategies and enabling growth. Y CUBE Holdings is currently 130 MUSD group with interests in different business sectors that include Industrial Products, Services, Agro, Consumer related, Paper, Fruit Juice, Cosmetics, Contact Lenses, Semi-Conductors, Memory Cards etc. Read More »
  • Twelve different businesses across South Asia
  • Partnering some of the best brands.
    • Joint venture with leading company
    • Joint initiative in after market
  • Revenue of 30M USD from Direct Sales
  • Revenue of 100M USD from Projects
  • 20% growth in FY 2012
Our Companies
Our New Chairman & CEO
Sam Yamdagni, Chairman & CEO
An IIT Kharagpur Alumni, Sam has rapidly grown up the corporate ladder. He started his career as a project engineer working at a grass root industrial... Read More »